A juvenile male, Hereford was caught and tagged by Mike Lanzone and Trish Miller at Stone Harbor Point, NJ, on Feb. 12, 2018, at the mouth of Hereford Inlet. His transmitter was underwritten (as was Higbee’s) by a gift from the New Jersey chapter of the Nature Conservancy. Display Map Full Screen Latest Updates

Across the Bay and Off the Ice

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It’s been quite a week since the last update. The low point, obviously, was confirming Hereford’s death, but there’s also been a lot of very cool news from the other owls, and that’s what we’ll focus on this time. We won’t hit every owl (like Stella, whose great photo our friend Dan Lafortune got on Amherst Island recently) but check … Read More

Gone Too Soon

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While this has been an exciting winter in many ways, it’s been a rough one in another — for the third time this season, we’ve lost an owl, and in a depressingly familiar place. Hereford, whom we tagged Feb. 12 on the New Jersey coast near Stone Harbor, was recovered dead this week after we noted that his signal had … Read More

Weekly Update

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It’s been quite a week, with new owls in five states — but there’s lots happening with the rest of this winter’s cadre, too. Here’s a roundup of where we stand with all 24 of the snowy owls we’re currently tracking. It’s a lot of ground — geographically and metaphorically — to cover. The most intriguing movements this week were … Read More

A New ‘Jersey Boy’

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It was a hard blow last month when we lost Higbee to a vehicle collision during an epic snowstorm on the New Jersey coast. He was one of the three “Jersey Boys,” a trio of immature male snowies tagged this winter by Mike Lanzone, Trish Miller and David La Puma. The fact that Higbee’s transmitter had been underwritten by the … Read More

SNOWstorm Owls (Winter 2017-18)

Red pins are females, blue pins are males. Hilton – 2017 This juvenile female was tagged Nov. 24, 2017, by Tom McDonald at Braddock Bay, just west of Rochester, NY. Her transmitter was underwritten by generous donations by the public to Project SNOWstorm. Sterling – 2017 An juvenile female, Sterling was caught Nov. 26, 2017, by Tom McDonald and Melissa Mance Coniglio … Read More