Help Us Head to the Arctic This Summer!

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Thanks to everyone who made our 2017-18 funding campaign on such a terrific success — we reached 105 percent of our goal, which will cover our expenses for transmitters, lab work and related costs this winter. We’re deeply grateful to everyone who helped. The campaign formally ends on March 30 (Update: Generosity has extended their final date of operation … Read More

Another Loss

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Apologies for the lag in updates; everyone on Project SNOWstorm does this in their spare time, and sometimes spare time is hard to come by. I was out of town and largely off the grid last week, and unable to post. Sorry to have kept you waiting. Unfortunately, the biggest news is the saddest — we’ve lost another owl, our … Read More

Across the Bay and Off the Ice

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It’s been quite a week since the last update. The low point, obviously, was confirming Hereford’s death, but there’s also been a lot of very cool news from the other owls, and that’s what we’ll focus on this time. We won’t hit every owl (like Stella, whose great photo our friend Dan Lafortune got on Amherst Island recently) but check … Read More

Gone Too Soon

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While this has been an exciting winter in many ways, it’s been a rough one in another — for the third time this season, we’ve lost an owl, and in a depressingly familiar place. Hereford, whom we tagged Feb. 12 on the New Jersey coast near Stone Harbor, was recovered dead this week after we noted that his signal had … Read More

Shaking Things Up

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The days are getting longer, and right on schedule, we’re seeing some restlessness start to appear among this winter’s cohort of owls. But there’s a lot of ground to cover this week, including the second “bomb cyclone” of the winter on the Northeast coast, an ice-queen owl on the Great Lakes, and a turbine-dodging bird on the prairies. Here are … Read More

Straubel, and the Weekly Roundup

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For the final time this winter, we have a new owl to introduce — the last member of what is now our Wisconsin quintet, joining Bancroft, Badger, Arlington and Austin. She is Straubel, a juvenile female named for Green Bay-Austin Straubel International Airport, where she was trapped Feb. 21 by Frank Ujazdowski, one of half a dozen falconers volunteering their time … Read More

Weekly Update

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It’s been quite a week, with new owls in five states — but there’s lots happening with the rest of this winter’s cadre, too. Here’s a roundup of where we stand with all 24 of the snowy owls we’re currently tracking. It’s a lot of ground — geographically and metaphorically — to cover. The most intriguing movements this week were … Read More

A New ‘Jersey Boy’

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It was a hard blow last month when we lost Higbee to a vehicle collision during an epic snowstorm on the New Jersey coast. He was one of the three “Jersey Boys,” a trio of immature male snowies tagged this winter by Mike Lanzone, Trish Miller and David La Puma. The fact that Higbee’s transmitter had been underwritten by the … Read More

Logan on the Cape, Manisses on the Island

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Too much news from SNOWstorm? No apologies — this has been our busiest and most exciting winter since the first season that we launched this project in 2013, and the pace isn’t letting up at all. Today we have two New England birds to tell you about — one in Massachusetts, and our first tagged owl in Rhode Island. Longtime … Read More

Pettibone and Gichigami

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In keeping with our goal of tagging more owls in the prairies and western Great Lakes this winter, we’re pleased to introduce two newly tagged snowies — one in North Dakota, the other on Lake Superior. Pettibone is named for the nearby hamlet of the same name in Kidder County, ND — but it’s a fitting name for this almost … Read More