He (hearts) Philly

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I spend a lot of time at airports, but usually not like this — crouching next to a taxiway at Philadelphia International Airport, trying to keep a snowy owl from being killed. Working with the USDA’s APHIS-Wildlife Services program and the Pennsylvania Game Commission, I was hoping to catch a snowy that had set up housekeeping at the midst of … Read More

Hair on fire

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Sorry for the lack of updates the past few days — there’s been plenty going on, some of it behind the scenes (more about that shortly). One friend commented today, “You guys must be running around like your hair’s on fire.” That pretty much sums it up. In Wisconsin, SNOWstorm collaborator Gene Jacobs has been trying to tag two more … Read More

Checking in on Buena Vista

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Thanks to Eric Preston of Madison, Wisconsin, for sending in this photo of “Buena Vista,” which was tagged with a transmitter on Dec. 23 in Portage County, WI. Here you can see the transmitter clearly, right where it’s supposed to be – high in the middle of the back. Buena Vista has been hanging out in the same square mile … Read More

Back on the prowl

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After his enforced hiatus during the snowstorm, Assateague was back on the prowl last night, cruising much of lower Barnegat Bay. He flew across Barnegat Inlet to Island Beach, then made a number of extensive overwater flights to the north, sometimes stopping (as has been his habit) on channel markers a mile or two offshore. How much of that was … Read More

What does a snowy do in the snow?

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The Northeast got smacked last night with a nasty snowstorm that reached blizzard levels in some areas. On the New Jersey coast, where Assateague has been hanging out, it wasn’t quite that bad, but snowfall totals reached 10 inches, with high winds and coastal flooding warnings. You’d think a snowy owl would love this weather, but it’s apparent from Assateague’s … Read More

The SNOWstorm begins

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Thanks for visiting the Project SNOWstorm blog – we’ll be updating it regularly with news about snowy owls and the research we’re conducting this winter. This enormous project – which has dozens of partners and team members stretching from Minnesota to New England – came together in a matter of a few weeks starting in early December when the magnitude … Read More

Project SNOWstorm launches on Indiegogo

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We are excited that we now have our crowdfunding campaign all set up. Already many people have contributed since we launched in the morning of Jan 2 and we have raised enough to buy another transmitter. We are proud to have many sponsors that offered ‘perks’ to contributors who donate through Indiegogo including Bird Watcher’s Digest, the American Birding Association, … Read More

An update on Assateague and Buena Vista

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The first owl fitted with these new transmitters, nicknamed “Assateague,” was tagged Dec. 17 on Assateague Island National Seashore in Maryland. Since then, he has wandered more than 150 miles, up the Delmarva Peninsula, around Delaware Bay, across southern New Jersey and up the coast. At one point, he took in the nocturnal sights from the end of Atlantic City’s … Read More