Chase Lake

Our second North Dakota owl, Chase Lake is an adult female tagged Feb. 20, 2017, by Matt Solensky of the USGS Northern Prairie Research Center, just north of Chase Lake National Wildlife Refuge near Woodworth, ND. She was last detected April 13, 2017, migrating north through southwestern Manitoba. Chase Lake’s transmitter was funded by contributions from the public. Please consider … Read More


Wells was SNOWstorm’s third Maine owl, captured at Portland Jetport by USDA APHIS, tagged by our colleagues at the Biodiversity Research Institute and released Jan. 25, 2017 at Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge near Wells, ME. She was an adult female and weighed just over 2,000g. She was last detected April 21, 2017, heading north through southern Québec, then reappeared … Read More


Oswego was our first tagged owl of 2017, caught by Tom McDonald on Jan. 19 at Oswego Harbor in upstate New York, along the southeastern shore of Lake Ontario. This juvenile female weighed in at a very healthy 2,121 grams (4.7 pounds) when she was banded on January 19th and spent the winter and early spring around eastern Lake Ontario. … Read More