A New Season – and a Report from the Arctic

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Our research and monitoring of the tundra ecosystem continued during summer 2017 on Bylot Island (Nunavut, Canada), where for more than 25 years, my colleagues at Laval University in Quebec and I have been studying snowy owl nesting activities. Our team is pretty unique as it includes expert researchers scrutinizing almost every living organism in the ecosystem, from plants and … Read More

SNOWstorm’s co-founder receives prestigious recognition

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I knew posting the following memo on SNOWstorm’s blog was going to be a challenge. The reason for this is that it honors one of SNOWstorm’s leaders and founders, Scott Weidensaul, who happens to be one of the most humble and respectful people I know. However, among our extended SNOWstorm team of collaborators, we all felt the following news had … Read More

A Big Year? The View from the Arctic

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Again this summer, I was part of a crew heading up North to one of the primary snowy owl breeding grounds in the Eastern Canadian Arctic. There, from mid-May to late-August, a team of 25 to 40 people from all spheres of research (plant, mammal and bird biologists, field assistants as well as local Inuit) devoted themselves to studying every … Read More