Monocacy, the Urban Owl, Returns

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I had just finished giving a talk in Delaware last weekend and was climbing in my car, listening to voice mails. Our friend and colleague Dr. Erica Miller, a volunteer veterinarian with Project SNOWstorm, was on the line, and I could instantly tell from the tone of her voice that something big was up. Erica had some electrifying news — … Read More

Chaumont Holds His Ground – Literally

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Patience is one of the things snowy owl tracking teaches you, and we’ve been patiently waiting to hear from Chaumont, the adult male owl that Tom McDonald tagged last month on the northeastern tip of Lake Ontario, near the New York village of the same name. We assumed from Chaumont’s long silence that he was out on lake ice, but … Read More

Braddock’s Back

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To our surprise and delight, another of last winter’s owls has reappeared — Braddock, banded and tagged by Tom McDonald near Braddock Bay, on the Lake Ontario shore of New York, on Jan. 25, 2014. Braddock spent last winter on and around Lake Ontario, moving between the lake ice and shore. In spring he began moving northwest across Lake Ontario … Read More

Alma, the Highly Networked Owl

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Michigan has its first SNOWstorm snowy owl, the result of a wide, collaborative network between researchers, a local college, several organizations, agencies and institutions in that state. And besides adding to our growing understanding of the winter ecology and movements in this species, this freshly tagged bird may help us understand how to better protect snowy owls at airports. “Alma” … Read More

Meet Chaumont!

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On Saturday, SNOWstorm collaborator Tom McDonald tagged the latest addition to the family — an adult male snowy owl he’s nicknamed Chaumont (pronounced “Shaa-moe”), for the small town at the extreme eastern end of Lake Ontario, just a few miles from the Canadian border, where he was captured. “He is at least a third-, if not a fourth-year male, and … Read More

SNOWstorm on NPR today

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News flash: An interview we taped two weeks ago with the NPR news show “Here and Now” — which was bumped that day because of the Paris terror attacks — will be broadcast this afternoon, at 49 minutes into the second hour of the show. You can listen on your local NPR station, or stream the show on the “Here … Read More

SNOWstorm 2.0 on Indiegogo!

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Last winter, Project SNOWstorm raised an incredible $36,000 on the crowd-funding website Indiegogo, which allowed us to launch our snowy owl research and pay for transmitters, lab work and much else. Today, we’re launching SNOWstorm 2.0 on Indiegogo, which will allow us to continue the work we’re doing this winter both in the field and in the laboratory. While we’ve … Read More

Update: Millcreek and Century

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Millcreek was the first of last season’s owls to return to cell range in November, but we’ve been holding back on mapping his location recently because he was using a fairly small, rather accessible area near Toronto, and we wanted to give him some breathing space. But he’s been moving less predictably lately, and using a wider local area, so … Read More

Erie (the place) and Erie (the owl)

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Snowy owls…they’ll break your heart, and take your breath away, sometimes all at once. Here’s the story of my attempts to tag a new owl near Erie, Pa. — and also the latest on Erie the owl, one we’ve been tracking since last winter. Sunday and Monday I was in Erie, trying to catch a snowy owl in Presque Isle State … Read More