Sinepuxent and a report from the ‘southern’ SNOWstorm

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I’ll start with the big news: We’ve tagged the first owl in Maryland since Baltimore was relocated to Assateague Island nearly three years ago. More about her in a moment. It’s been a busy year in the southern range of SNOWstorm activity, in Maryland and Delaware. There are owls farther south but, here in the East, they’ve been few and … Read More

Baltimore Returns

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It’s hard to imagine that by this date two years ago I had just banded my first two snowy owls. Little did I realize I would have the opportunity to band several more, some of which were released with transmitters to allow us some insight into their activities. It was really exciting when several of the owls I tagged in … Read More


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We’ve had the return of Monocacy which was quite a pleasant surprise. I had really been hoping one of our Maryland owls would return and she did. Monocacy had originally been trapped at Martin State Airport and relocated to Western Maryland for her safety. But she was only half of the story. The day after Monocacy was trapped, last March, we … Read More

A New Chapter for Delaware

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The owl we call Delaware has an interesting history and is unique in a couple of ways. I first trapped her in December 2013 on the Delaware coast, she was the first snowy owl ever banded in “the First State,” as Delaware proudly calls itself. A few days earlier, she apparently was feeding on the carcasses of a dead dolphin. … Read More

SNOW day

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I can’t believe we haven’t yet used this title! Tuesday was a snow day here at my Maryland home. We had only a few inches of snow, but it was enough to close schools and snarl commuter traffic into the DC area. I worked from home which spared me from several hours worth of driving to and from work and gave me some … Read More

Keep warm with a really cool SNOW hat

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I’m bald, and I love cold weather, so I am keenly aware of how important a hat is in preventing heat loss through the head. I was really excited when PRBY Apparel, the creator of the “SNOW” part of our logo, decided to make a hat with that same image. I could now look really cool, while staying warm, and … Read More

A Biologist’s Eye View

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Delaware received the best medical care from The Maryland Zoo and expert evaluation from wildlife rehabilitators at Owl Moon Raptor Center and Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research during her nine months in captivity. However, her wing injury had been corrected with a new technique and we had yet to see how she would manage when returned to the wild. Her … Read More


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Monday morning found me peering intently at a photograph of ‘Delaware’, our latest owl to receive a transmitter. However, I wasn’t as interested in the owl as much as what was below her perch. A blob of white with some dark matter. It looked fresh and healthy, a dropping from a bird that has eaten. But was it hers? A quick email to … Read More

Busy week!

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Seems the Project SNOWstorm team has hit the perfect storm of busy. All of us have been occupied due to prior obligations and haven’t been able to send any updates lately. We have managed to keep to the schedule on updating our maps. There has been some significant and interesting movement from some of the owls. Others haven’t really moved. … Read More