2 Comments on “Baltimore on NPR”

  1. Excellent video with great choreography. Nice work Adam.

    Many people do not realize the folks at project SNOWstorm volunteer their time and the funds are raised from private donations for research. Also, many do not realized the sheer number of snowy owls saved every year from airports, etc by these volunteers and the information they gather. A large amount of gratitude and appreciation goes out to all the folks involved in project SNOWstorm.

  2. That was indeed a delightful video!!!! Great job Adam!!  So happy you finally were able to find Baltimore face to face :) He’s beautiful.  We were in Amherst Island several times this winter and only saw him once from very far, with binocs (we found out it was him after the maps were posted). Big thanks to the SNOWstorm team for all the ongoing work with these intriguing and wonderful creatures.

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