Braddock and Cranberry

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We wanted to share some photos of the tagging and release of our first two New York owls, Braddock and Cranberry, over the weekend, courtesy of Aaron Winters.

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3 Comments on “Braddock and Cranberry”

  1. We’re not sure. There are a couple of birds that haven’t checked in for a long time, and in cases like this we don’t know if it was a mechanical failure in the transmitter, or a mishap that damaged the transmitter (like a vehicle collision), which occurred when the owl was out of cell range, as Cranberry often was out on the ice on Lake Ontario. At first we assumed he was simply staying out on the ice for a prolonged period, as several other owls did, but the ice is melted from all but the extreme eastern end of Lake Ontario, and the continued lack of a transmission makes us (reluctantly) conclude that we’ll probably never know what befell him.

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