Busy week!

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Seems the Project SNOWstorm team has hit the perfect storm of busy. All of us have been occupied due to prior obligations and haven’t been able to send any updates lately. We have managed to keep to the schedule on updating our maps. There has been some significant and interesting movement from some of the owls. Others haven’t really moved. And we’re still waiting to hear from some who have been on the ice of the Great Lakes.

Assateague, Hungerford and Henlopen who were all on the New Jersey coast are still silent. We’re beginning to wonder if salt spray is clouding the solar panels, contributing to other issues affecting the power of their units.

Our latest owl, Monocacy, has returned to the Baltimore area but has fortunately stayed clear of the airports. She has also been reprogrammed with a more frequent check-in cycle and her locations are now at every thirty seconds. We hope this will give us some great detail of her movements when she decides to head north.

I also forgot to publish Monocacy’s map page with the last round of updates on Friday, but that has now been corrected.

Our next round of updates should be tomorrow.

Northward Bound
Class photo

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  1. Here in Kalamazoo, Michigan: we had a snow owl captured and nursed but, it died. Seems the bird had lice/fles and was weak,dehydrated, and hungry. But the local rescue nonprofit tried. I understand it was hanging around the airport. There may have been one more but, I could not identify if it was an owl or a red tail hawk in winter garb. It was too far away. Just thought you would want to know.

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