A Year-end Thank You

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As we close out 2023, everyone at Project SNOWstorm sends our sincere thanks to all of those who have supported our work in the past year. We are unique in that 100 percent of our operating funds comes from individual donations (tax deductible for U.S. residents), rather than from foundations, agencies or other institutions. No one of the SNOWstorm team … Read More

A Look Back – Way Back

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As we wait to see if snowy owl activity will pick up as we move deeper into winter, I thought it would be fun to look back on something my SNOWstorm co-founder Dave Brinker pulled together in December 2015, during our early years, which puts what we’re doing in some historical perspective. This was the first of several “On the … Read More

It’s Quiet…Too Quiet?

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One thing about studying a species with cyclical or irregular movements, like snowy owls, is that every once in a while you hit a dull stretch. And in the East and upper Midwest, where Project SNOWstorm primarily works, it’s definitely one of those winters. So far, there have been only a handful of snowy owls reported from the western Great … Read More

Spice up Winter, See Cool Raptors — and Help Project SNOWstorm

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As we mentioned earlier this season, we’re trying something new this winter — a chance for folks with an interest in raptors to do some small-group travel, see a variety of winter birds of prey and help Project SNOWstorm with a tax-deductible contribution at the same time. We’re partnering with Destination: Wildlife, a New York-based tour company that specializes in … Read More

Otter’s Summer Ramble

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Once our tagged owls head north in the spring, that’s usually the last we hear from them until they come back south in the spring and re-enter the cell network, through which we communicate with their transmitters and obtain their data. There is one exception: Otter. First tagged in January 2019, this then-three-year-old adult male carries a hybrid transmitter. In … Read More

Taking SNOWstorm on the Road

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When we started Project SNOWstorm 10 years ago, it was on a wing and a prayer, pulled together in a matter of a couple of frantic weeks in late 2013 in response to the largest snowy owl irruption in the East in more than 80 years. We didn’t plan for this to become one of the largest snowy owl research … Read More

A New Season Draws Near

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It’s that time of year, when the first snowy owls are starting to appear south of the Arctic — a few have popped up in southern Ontario and the Great Lakes region in recent weeks, and quite a few in the Canadian prairies in southern Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. This will be Project SNOWstorm’s 11th season of snowy owl research, … Read More

Late News from the North

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We’re on the cusp of May, a time when snowy owls are usually off our radar for the summer — but we actually have some late news from three of our tagged owls, while two that had been lingering in the south slipped away without leaving a goodbye note. We’ll start with the latter pair first. Salyer had been loafing … Read More

No More Messing Around

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Last time, we puzzled a bit about the ways in which some of our tagged snowy owls were acting — Columbia moving due west instead of north; Huron making a gigantic loop around Lake Huron to wind up basically where she started; Otter, Salyer and Alderbrooke just sitting tight. Well, within the past week migration got serious. Huron turned north … Read More

Going West and Looping the Loop

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So, the great “Bolt for the North” we were expecting last week didn’t materialize, although one snowy did shift his compass in that direction and one of our long-stationary owls did begin to move significantly — although to the west, not the north. And one of the owls that had been migrating north did a complete turnaround and is back … Read More