Congratulations to Lauren Gilpatrick

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Lauren Gilpatrick of the Biodiversity Research Institute with Brunswick, Project SNOWstorm’s first Maine owl. (©Scott Weidensaul)

For the past several years, biologist Lauren Gilpatrick at the Biodiversity Research Institute in Maine has been a great partner here at Project SNOWstorm — not just working with her colleagues in the field to get Maine snowy owls tagged and tracked, but lending her artistic skills to the cause by donating her exceedingly cool Burly Bird snowy owl stickers as perks for our fundraising efforts.

We’re delighted to congratulate Lauren on receiving the 2017 Award of Meritorious Service this month from the  Maine Wildlife Society, an award with specifically highlights her work with SNOWstorm (and which has a lovely snowy owl right on Lauren’s plaque). We couldn’t agree more with the society’s praise for her “long-standing commitment to wildlife and natural resource conservation.” Congratulations, Lauren!




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