The Dam Bursts

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With a toss, Chippewa -- a new SNOWstorm owl in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan -- goes back in the air. (©Nova Mackentley)

With a toss, Chippewa — a new SNOWstorm owl in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan — goes back in the air. (©Nova Mackentley)

What a week! After struggling, frankly, for the past month — with repeated trapping trips to the New Jersey coast, Lake Erie and elsewhere, lots of close calls and frustrating near-misses — things finally came together in a big way this week.

We shared the story of Monocacy’s surprising return, but there’s a further twist on that story involving another returning owl, which Steve Huy will be posting about here shortly.

Dave Brinker is also freshly back from a week in Michigan, where he was working with a large group of banders and conservationists who have brought Project SNOWstorm to that state.

As a result, there are two new tagged owls in the Great Lake State — Chippewa on the Upper Peninsula, and Prairie Ronde in the southwestern Lower Peninsula — joining Alma, who was tagged last month on the LP. Once Dave catches his breath, he’ll be sharing that cold, snowy adventure with you. It’s quite a story.

And we just got word of two more snowies that have been tagged — but we’ll share more about them when we have more details.

Lots of exciting news, obviously — stay tuned, and thanks for all your support, which makes this work possible.


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Monocacy, the Urban Owl, Returns

6 Comments on “The Dam Bursts”

  1. I was glad to see that the Snowies are still around in Bayonne, where I saw my “life” Snowy last month. Maybe I’ll get a chance for a repeat!

  2. Keep your eyes open! Monocacy arrived in Bayonne yesterday before dawn, and spent the day in and around town, including the Hudson waterfront. She’s really been on the move, so no telling how long she’ll stick around, but watch for an owl with a backpack.

  3. This winter  there have been quite a few snowies in NW lower Michigan, around Traverse City, There was one day where I spotted 4 owls within a several square mile. Today, March 8, I spotted one in the same location. The others have hopefully moved on to other hunting spots. They seem to return to the same farming area each year and maybe some day I can help with the tracking. It would be a special experience.

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