Help Us Head to the Arctic This Summer!

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You can help Project SNOWstorm take a dramatic new step this summer — tracking dispersing juvenile snowy owls like this one in the Canadian Arctic. (©Audrey Robillard)

Thanks to everyone who made our 2017-18 funding campaign on such a terrific success — we reached 105 percent of our goal, which will cover our expenses for transmitters, lab work and related costs this winter. We’re deeply grateful to everyone who helped.

The campaign formally ends on March 30 (Update: Generosity has extended their final date of operation to mid-May), but if you haven’t had a chance to contribute (and even if you already have), here’s a great reason to do so: This summer, for the first time, Project SNOWstorm will be heading to the Arctic to tag snowy owls on the breeding grounds.

Working with our colleagues in the International Snowy Owl Working Group from Canada and Norway, we are planning to deploy traditional satellite transmitters on fledgling snowy owls in the Canadian Arctic, in order to understand juvenile dispersal and mortality — aspects of this species’ life cycle that have been studied little or not at all. Satellite units will allow us to follow the birds across the Arctic, and if they make it south, we will try to retrap them and replace the battery-powered satellite units with solar GPS transmitters, which will last much longer.

Interested in helping? Then consider making a tax-deductible donation to Project SNOWstorm before March 30, and help us make our Arctic dreams a reality. Thanks!

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