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SNOW toque

(image © PRBY Apparel)

I’m bald, and I love cold weather, so I am keenly aware of how important a hat is in preventing heat loss through the head. I was really excited when PRBY Apparel, the creator of the “SNOW” part of our logo, decided to make a hat with that same image. I could now look really cool, while staying warm, and bringing awareness to Project SNOWstorm.

This hat draws attention with its bold colors and the eye-catching SNOW logo. Here in Maryland it draws two responses; “Cool!, is that an official Project SNOWstorm hat? Where can I get one?”, or “do you know ‘Steelers’ is spelled wrong on your hat?” For the latter group I explain what it is and then I’m asked where to get one.


(image © PRBY Apparel)

So I’m letting all of you in on the secret, you can get one by ordering directly from PRBY Apparel! Just click here to start your order. This is not a fund raiser for us and we won’t be filling your in-box with ads. We just have had lots of compliments on these hats and many requests on where to obtain them.

These hats are made in Canada of 100% acrylic. I’ve been wearing mine for about three weeks straight and it shows no signs of wear, pilling, or losing its elastic. And it is very warm, even in windy conditions. Some hats tend to irritate my scalp but this one does not. Our friends in Canada call them a ‘toque’ (pronounced ‘tuke’) but I call them warm.

Me, looking cool and staying warm while about to release Delaware with Les Franklin (Eric Ivankevich)

Looking cool and staying warm while preparing to release Delaware with Les Franklin (©Eric Ivankevich)


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