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We’re grateful to several new partners that have joined the SNOWstorm effort recently.

The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, through its Wild Resources Conservation Program, is sponsoring a transmitter on an owl in Pennsylvania — the fourth (and likely final) unit in that state.

And a collaboration between Black Swamp Bird Observatory, the Kirtland Bird Club and Toledo Naturalists’ Association will make it possible for Black Swamp research director Mark Shieldcastle to deploy a transmitter on an owl in Ohio or Michigan in the days ahead. This is especially welcome news, since those states have been a gap in our coverage.

On behalf of everyone associated with Project SNOWstorm — thank you to these partners and sponsors.

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  1. “Protective custody” may be an odd way of describing it — the bird is at a rehabilitation facility being treated for its injuries, and the facility has asked not to be identified because of all the attention the bird’s case received in the D.C. and national media.

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