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When we launched the Indiegogo campaign for Project SNOWstorm on Jan. 2, we gulped hard and set the goal at $20,000 by March 2, hoping we’d get at least a good portion of that figure to fund additional transmitters.

So it is with no small degree of amazement, and a boundless sense of gratitude, that we mark a milestone: This evening a $1,000 donation put us over our goal, to $20,821 — not in two months, but in just two weeks.

We’re humbled by the outpouring of support for SNOWstorm, but most of the hard work still lies ahead of us. We’re pushing ahead with trapping and tagging, and thanks to our supporters (including a number of state ornithological societies), we should be able to  deploy up to 20 transmitters this winter – our pie-in-the-sky goal when we got SNOWstorm rolling barely a month ago.

But there’s a lot to this project besides transmitters. We’re collecting blood, DNA and feather samples that need to be analyzed, for instance, and while some specialists are donating their time and services, we haven’t been sure where the other lab fees we’ll need would come from.

So while we have the transmitter costs covered, we can make very good use of any additional donations that come in to SNOWstorm through Indiegogo. There’s a lot of work still to do, but everyone’s support has turned what seemed a pipe dream just a few weeks ago into a reality.

Thank you all, very much.





A face only a mother (and a birder and a researcher and well, just about anyone) could love
David Sibley print to benefit SNOWstorm

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  1. Hurray! Let’s keep the SNowball rolling.Wow, just an incredible job by all the volunteering banders, biologists and assorted technicians et al.
    Since PA outdoor Life is doing a video segment to be aired this weekend on WNEP Channel 16 in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, why doesn’t one of your volunteers ask them to donate transmitters or lab fees to this effort. Similarly, Major TV outlets in Philly, Dover, Maryland, Virginia should be canvassed for support.
    In Chevy Chase, MD the Audubon Naturalist Society is a strong possibility and Maybe, the Maryland Ornithology Society.
    This is such a great project and I am so exicited about the bounty of data being collected, as I am a scientist and longtime birder, too!
    Thanks so much to all those devoted to this effort!!!

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