Sterling and Hilton Head West

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Now that’s an amazing picture. On Sunday, Tom McDonald and Melissa Mance Coniglio were trapping snowies at Fair Haven Beach on Little Sodus Bay, near Sterling, New York, on the southern shore of Lake Ontario. Working one bird, they caught the attention of two others. With the first owl already captured, a second owl came in as well, with a third … Read More

On the Shoulders of Giants: Tom McDonald

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This is part of a periodic series on influential and pioneering snowy owl researchers, on whose work Project SNOWstorm is building.  * * * * * Although Project SNOWstorm is just marking its fourth birthday, we’re fortunate to have some of the most experienced snowy owl researchers in the world as part of our core team. One of the best … Read More

Tom’s 500th

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  SNOWstorm team member Tom McDonald’s been on a tear since the tail end of December, when a lot of snowies moved into northern and central New York. A bander like Tom never knows what that might mean. On Jan. 2, for instance, he got a call from a birder that there was an injured snowy owl in a field … Read More