Thanks for a Hugely Successful Campaign

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With a toss, Chippewa -- a new SNOWstorm owl in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan -- goes back in the air. (©Nova Mackentley)

Your contributions made this winter’s work possible — and we can’t begin to fully express our gratitude. (©Nova Mackentley)

We’re speechless — once again, the supporters of Project SNOWstorm exceeded our hopes, and our goal for our SNOWstorm 2.0 Indiegogo campaign.

By the time this winter’s campaign wrapped up last night, we had hit $17,745 — 118% of our original goal.

That’s incredible – and an incredible testament to all of you who have made this research possible. We are deeply, humbly grateful for your vote of confidence, and your interest in this fascinating raptor.

We promise to put every penny of those donations into the research — for transmitters, lab work, necropsies, DNA and stable isotope analysis, and much more.

And we’re also grateful to those individuals and organizations that made direct contributions, often sponsoring particular transmitters.

The excitement isn’t over — in fact, it’s really ramping up as this winter’s tagged owls start north. Look for the first of several exciting updates on this week’s transmissions later today.

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