Thanks to support from hundreds of people, we have been able to put GPS transmitters on several Snowy Owls and make these maps. We have reached our initial funding goal, but additional funding allows us to do more important research on these beautiful birds. Please donate to this project to make it a success!

Captured and tagged Jan. 9 at Philadelphia International Airport, Philly was relocated about 40 miles west to eastern Lancaster County for his own safety, as airports are dangerous for owls (and owl are a hazard to planes). However, he returned to the airport within a few days, and federal and state wildlife officials tried to relocate him a second time. Sadly, Philly was struck by a plane before he could be relocated on January 29th at the airport and did not survive.

To honor the contributions Philly made to the project, you can contribute to the Indiegogo campaign at the PHILLY MEMORIAL TRIBUTE or “(EYE) LOVE PHILLY” levels.

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