Plum, an immature female snowy owl, was trapped at Logan International Airport in Boston by Norman Smith and relocated to Plum Island National Wildlife Refuge on March 4, 2014. She eventually moved up the Merrimack River valley to Haverill and Lowell, then back to the coast between Salem and Marblehead, MA. She drowned March 30, 2014, in the wake of the same large nor’easter that claimed Sandy Neck, and her remains and transmitter were recovered two days later.

Thanks to support from hundreds of people, Project SNOWstorm put GPS transmitters on 22 snowy owls during the winter of 2013-14 to study their ecology and movements while on the wintering grounds. Our work is ongoing, but we remain funded entirely by contributions from individuals and birding groups. Your support will allows us to continue this important research on these beautiful birds. Please donate to this project to make it a success!

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