New Maps Ready

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Tracking maps are now available for our three newest tagged owls — Coteau in North Dakota, Wolverine in Michigan, and Redwood in New York. Have fun following their movements!      

Wolverine and Redwood

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Some folks were taking it easy over the holidays, but not the Project SNOWstorm crew — and as a result, we have two newly tagged snowy owls to tell you about. Selena Creed must have a thing about working holidays. She’s the wildlife biologist at Detroit Metro Airport (DTW) who caught Buckeye on Christmas Eve, allowing us to recover his … Read More

Update – Coteau

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Never fails — after waiting a week for Coteau to check in, she did so just a few hours after I posted my last update today. We don’t have her interactive map up yet (that may take a couple of days) but here’s a screenshot showing how her movements overlap with those in weeks past of Medina (red) and Pearl … Read More

Coteau, and the Rest of the Crew

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As we wrap up 2019 today, we have a new owl to introduce, and an update on the rest of the gang. New to the crew is Coteau, a third-year female that Matt Solensky captured Dec. 22 near Pearl Lake in western Stutsman County, North Dakota — almost the same spot where Matt tagged Pearl back in November, in fact.  … Read More

Where Your Donation Goes

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Earlier today I received an email from a Project SNOWstorm enthusiast who was considering a donation, but wanted to know where our donations go, especially in terms of salaries, overhead and advertising. I was happy to explain that very little of what we raise goes to overhead, to repay the staff of the Ned Smith Center for handling all of … Read More

Thank You

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We know this is the time when we’re all bombarded with requests for year-end donations, and it’s easy to tune them all out. We hope, however, that if you haven’t yet made a contribution to Project SNOWstorm this season (and maybe even if you have), you’ll consider making a gift now. All donations to SNOWstorm are fully tax-deductible under U.S. … Read More

Buckeye Returns!

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Sometimes Santa comes just a little bit early. On Tuesday, as my wife and I were rushing to meet her family for a Christmas Eve gathering, we got an email and an urgent message through Facebook from Selena Creed, a wildlife biologist at Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW) in Michigan. She’d just caught a snowy owl on the runway — and … Read More

Yul the River-rider

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Rebecca McCabe was worried. Becca — who is working on her Ph.D. at McGill University analyzing our huge trove of snowy owl movement data, and who has also become a key member of the SNOWstorm field team — was concerned that Yul had missed several check-in times in recent weeks. Yul, as you may recall, was trapped at the Montréal … Read More

New Maps Are Up!

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Our technical hiccup is behind us, and the maps four our newest owls — Medina, Pearl, Yul and the late Montréal — are now posted. And as always, the maps for previously tagged owls are updating automatically as new data comes in (with a delay for the owls’ safety), so check back frequently to see what Stella, Otter, Pettibone, Woodworth … Read More

Well, Well, Well — Wells is Back

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It’s been a busy week at Project SNOWstorm, with a shuffling of the deck among our tagged owls, some closure on an early loss, and the return of very familiar name. First, though, I want to acknowledge what many of you have noticed — we still don’t have maps posted for our four newest owls. That’s because of a systems … Read More