Same old, same old

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Not a lot to report — Oswegatchie has remained in the same general area southeast of the town of Fitzroy Harbour, Ontario, where he’s settled into a routine of hunting roadsides and railway tracks, as he’s done since stopping there three weeks ago.

He’s part of a fast-dwindling cohort — a review of eBird records shows very few snowy owls remaining in the Northeast and Great Lakes in the past week or so. Patricia and Dan LaFortune have continued to keep an eye on him, which we appreciate.

Although there are a handful of over-summer records for snowy owls from southern Canada and the northern U.S., it’s still more likely that Oswegatchie will eventually move north. But for the moment, he doesn’t seem to be in much of a hurry about it.

Oswegatchie, Back on the Board
Spoke too soon

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