Freedom was an immature female, tagged Jan. 25, 2014 near Appleton, WI, and named for a nearby town where she was hunting after her release. She was somewhat larger than an average female snowy owl, weighing 2,046 g (4.5 lbs.). She remained all winter in a roughly 2 mile square (3.2 km square) area, and was last detected March 9, 2014.

Thanks to support from hundreds of people, Project SNOWstorm put GPS transmitters on 22 snowy owls during the winter of 2013-14 to study their ecology and movements while on the wintering grounds. Our work is ongoing, but we remain funded entirely by contributions from individuals and birding groups. Your support will allows us to continue this important research on these beautiful birds. Please donate to this project to make it a success!

Project SNOWstorm would like to specifically thank the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin for generously sponsoring the transmitter worn by Freedom.

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