A Sudden, Tragic Loss

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We’re deeply saddened to note the death on Sunday of Bronwyn Dalziel, 24, an enthusiastic young bander working with our colleague Nigel Shaw in Ontario, as the result of a traffic accident while banding.

Bronwyn started volunteering at the Tommy Thompson Park Bird Research Station when she was 16, and was currently a graduate student at the University of Toronto, working on a study of migratory bird stopover behavior at the park. She was an experienced bander with international experience, and banded many snowy owls over the years.

Bronwyn and her banding partner Charlotte England were wrapping up a day of road-trapping for raptors near Essa, Ontario, when Bronwyn apparently missed a stop sign and their vehicle was hit by a van. Charlotte was seriously injured (as were several in the van, though less seriously) but Bronwyn was killed.

The family has asked that memorial donations be made to Tommy Thompson Park Bird Research Station.

Our thoughts are with Bronwyn’s family and colleagues in their grief, and with Charlotte for a full recovery.

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