Hardscrabble was an after-third-year male (meaning he was at least four years old) that was tagged Feb. 22, 2016, by Tom McDonald near Hardscrabble Road in Cape Vincent, New York. This almost completely white, unmarked male weighed a robust 1,731 grams and had significant body fat. He moved north through southern and western Quebec, and last checked in April 28, 2016, along the east shore of James Bay.

He summered (but did not nest) in the northern Ungava Peninsula during 2016, then migrated south to the Ottawa River Valley in Ontario, spending the winter of 2016-17 near Cobden, ON. Hardscrabble was last detected April 20, 2017, on the southeastern shore of James Bay, and returned south Dec. 10, 2017, to the same territory near Cobden, and again during the winter of 2018-19.

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