This adult female was first banded by Norman Smith as a juvenile at Logan Airport in Boston in April 2014. She was recaptured there Feb. 11, 2018, as a five-year-old, tagged and relocated for her safety to Sandy Neck Beach on Cape Cod. Her transmitter was underwritten by generous donations from the public. Latest Updates


Chickatawbut is an adult female tagged March 8, 2017, by Norman Smith at Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts. She was relocated to beach habitat near Salisbury, MA, and spent the remainder of the winter on the MA/NH coast. She was last detected May 5, 2017, in southern Quebec, but migrated south to the Gulf of St. Lawrence in November … Read More


Merrimack was a third-year female trapped at Logan Airport on March 8, 2016 and released at Salisbury State Reservation at the mouth of the Merrimack River in northern Massachusetts. She remained there for several weeks before making a foray north to Sebago Lake, Maine, then back to the coast, and left for the north April 1, 2016. Merrimack’s transmitter was … Read More


This adult male was originally banded at Logan Airport in Boston by Norman Smith on March 2, 2014. He was recaptured at Logan on Jan. 17, 2016, and relocated to Salisbury Beach State Reservation in Salisbury, MA. He spent the winter along the New England coast, and his last location during his spring migration was on the north shore of the Gulf of St. Lawrence on … Read More


This adult female was originally banded by Norman Smith at Logan Airport in the winter of 2014-15, then recaptured at Logan the following winter by Smith and Jeff Turner, tagged and released on Cape Cod Dec. 30, 2015. Having spent much of the winter at smaller airports in Rhode Island, she moved back to Logan in mid-March 2016, and was killed … Read More


This immature female was so named for being the 100th snowy owl relocated from Logan Airport in Boston in the winter of 2013-14 by Norman Smith (who ultimately moved 120 snowy owls from Logan). Tagged March 15, 2014, she was also the largest of Smith’s owls, weighing 2,627 grams — almost six pounds. Century was released at Parker River National Wildlife Refuge, … Read More


Plum, an immature female snowy owl, was trapped at Logan International Airport in Boston by Norman Smith and relocated to Plum Island National Wildlife Refuge on March 4, 2014. She eventually moved up the Merrimack River valley to Haverill and Lowell, then back to the coast between Salem and Marblehead, MA. She drowned March 30, 2014, in the wake of … Read More

Sandy Neck

Sandy Neck, an immature female, was captured Feb. 5, 2014, at Logan Airport in Boston by Norman Smith, tagged and relocated to Sandy Neck Beach near Barnstable, on Cape Cod. She eventually moved to Martha’s Vineyard for about two months, but was apparently swamped by high winds or waves in the wake of a large nor’easter while crossing open water … Read More


Duxbury was an immature female snowy owl trapped Jan. 29, 2014, at Logan Airport by Norman Smith, and relocated to Duxbury Beach, MA, north of Plymouth. Over the next month she moved back north to Revere, just outside Boston, and was last detected there on Feb. 28, 2014. Thanks to support from hundreds of people, Project SNOWstorm put GPS transmitters on 22 snowy owls … Read More