York was a juvenile male captured Dec. 6, 2017, at the Portland International Jetport by USDA Wildlife Services, and tagged by biologists with the Biodiversity Research Institute. He was relocated to Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge in southern Maine and released Dec. 7, 2017. After exploring the coast and making a brief flight inland, York flew to the shoreside community … Read More


Badger, a very dark immature female, was trapped just northeast of Freedom WI, at 5:10 PM during the very last light of 30 December 2017. This culminated three long days of concentrated work by a crew of raptor banders working cooperatively to place Project SNOWStorm transmitters on owls in Northeast Wisconsin. The field work spanned the area from Lower Green … Read More


This juvenile male was tagged Dec. 5, 2017, by Matt Solensky from the U.S. Geological Survey, just south of Lake Ashtabula near Sanborn, North Dakota, and has spent the winter largely on the ag fields and prairies surrounding local lakes and marshes. Ashtabula’s transmitter was underwritten with generous donations from the public to Project SNOWstorm. Latest Updates


Higbee, a juvenile male, was banded Dec. 5, 2017, by Mike Lanzone from CTT, Tricia Miller from Conservation Science Global, and David LaPuma from New Jersey Audubon at the South Cape May Meadows, a Nature Conservancy reserve in Cape May, NJ. He’s named for nearby Higbee Beach, one of the most famous birding spots in the East. The Nature Conservancy … Read More


This immature male was tagged at Island Beach State Park in New Jersey on Nov. 29, 2017 by Mike Lanzone, the second owl tagged there that day. Lenape’s transmitter was underwritten by generous donations by the public to Project SNOWstorm. Latest Updates

Island Beach

An immature male, this snowy owl was the first Project SNOWstorm bird tagged in New Jersey, and was named for Island Beach State Park, where he was captured Nov. 29, 2017, by Mike Lanzone of Cellular Tracking Technologies. Island Beach’s transmitter was underwritten by a gift from New Jersey Audubon’s Cape May Bird Observatory. He returned south in February 2019, … Read More


An juvenile female, Sterling was caught Nov. 26, 2017, by Tom McDonald and Melissa Mance Coniglio at Fair Haven Beach on Little Sodus Bay, Lake Ontario, just north of the town of Sterling, NY. Her transmitter was underwritten by generous donations by the public to Project SNOWstorm. Latest Updates


This juvenile female was tagged Nov. 24, 2017, by Tom McDonald at Braddock Bay, just west of Rochester, NY. Her transmitter was underwritten by generous donations by the public to Project SNOWstorm. Latest Updates


Chickatawbut is an adult female tagged March 8, 2017, by Norman Smith at Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts. She was relocated to beach habitat near Salisbury, MA, and spent the remainder of the winter on the MA/NH coast. She was last detected May 5, 2017, in southern Quebec, but migrated south to the Gulf of St. Lawrence in November … Read More


Favret (“fav-RAY”) is an adult female tagged Feb. 27, 2017, by Tom McDonald near Favret Road on Cape Vincent, New York — a high, largely treeless area of farmland that is traditionally an important wintering area for snowy owls at the eastern end of Lake Ontario. After spending the winter in this area, she migrated north and was last detected … Read More