Heading for the Line

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I often tell groups to whom I’m speaking about Project SNOWstorm that virtually every one of the owls we’ve tagged has surprised us in some fashion. And that’s certainly the case now, as we watch two owls in the same general region heading in opposite directions. After more than a month and a half near Melfort in central Saskatchewan, Pettibone … Read More

How We Use Your Funding

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As we’ve mentioned more than once, the only reason Project SNOWstorm exists is you — the folks who have supported our work from the very beginning five years ago. So as we wind down 2018 — and as many of you are making end-of-the-year donations to your favorite charities — we want to both thank you and show you that … Read More

Staying in the Arctic

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As regular followers of Project SNOWstorm know, we did something this past summer that no one has ever done before — tagged juvenile snowy owls in the nest with satellite tags, so we can see where young birds go in their first winter. SNOWstorm team member Jean-François Therrien from Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, who tagged the trio in Alaska, has this … Read More

Out on the Prairies

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Some wander, some stay; that’s always the pattern every winter with our snowy owls, and it makes our work interesting. Woodworth, the second-year male tagged earlier this month by Matt Solensky in eastern North Dakota, has been on a bit of a walkabout. On Dec. 14 he began moving north from his capture location near his namesake town in Stutsman … Read More

A New Look for Our Maps!

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From the beginning, one of the most exciting aspects of Project SNOWstorm has been our interactive maps, which allow everyone — not just those of us with access to the raw tracking data — to follow every move that our tagged owls make. Those Tracker Maps were the brainchild of Don Crockett from Connecticut, who contacted us shortly after we … Read More

Woodworth Joins the Flock

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One of our goals this winter is to get more movement data on snowy owls in the Great Plains, to complement the larger data set we have for the Great Lakes and Northeast — which is we’re especially pleased that our colleague Matt Solensky just tagged the first owl of the 2018-19 season in eastern North Dakota. “Woodworth” — named … Read More

Happy Birthday to Us

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On this day five years ago, my phone rang not long after breakfast. It was my friend and colleague Dave Brinker, a biologist with Maryland’s Natural Heritage program. He was calling because of something we’d both been watching with growing interest and amazement — the almost unprecedented invasion of snowy owls coming south into eastern North America, which was playing … Read More

Remember Snowy Owls on Giving Tuesday

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It’s here — Giving Tuesday, your chance to help us better understand and conserve snowy owls. If you’ve already made a contribution to our 2018-19 winter campaign, thank you. If not, today’s the perfect time to do so. Your tax-deductible donation (though Project SNOWstorm’s 501(c)(3) nonprofit home, the Ned Smith Center for Nature and Art) will allow us to continue … Read More

Two More Back South

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Two more previously tagged owls are back south, having uploaded more than 12,000 GPS points showing where they’ve been over the past eight months — Wells and Island Beach, who went in dramatically different directions over the summer. Wells is an adult female, originally trapped in 2017 by USDA Wildlife Services at the Portland (Maine) Jetport, tagged by SNOWstorm collaborators … Read More

Another Season Takes Flight – With Your Help

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Here in the U.S., today is Thanksgiving — and everyone involved with Project SNOWstorm is especially grateful for the extraordinary generosity of our supporters, who have made this experiment in highly collaborative, crowd-funded science such an incredible success over the past five years. With your help, we’ve done amazing things. Project SNOWstorm has assembled a superb team of more than … Read More