Erie and Millcreek

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What a week. There’s a lot of news to share, all of it good, which will come in a couple of updates. But the biggest development is that earlier this week, Mike Lanzone and Tom McDonald tagged two more snowies in northwestern Pennsylvania at Erie International Airport. But that success only came after two long, frustrating days trying to catch … Read More

How to Make an Owl Researcher’s Heart Stop

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Every time we get an upload of data from Philly’s transmitter, which happens every third day, I hold my breath a little until I’m sure he’s still OK. As we’ve pointed out before, living in the middle of one of the nation’s busiest airports, and hunting beside the busiest interstate in the country, is an invitation for trouble. We’ve also … Read More

Airport Food Court

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Most people want to get in and out of airports as quickly as possible, but not Philly. Apparently this young male owl, which we tagged on Jan. 9, has found his own food court at Philadelphia International Airport — though it’s not the safest place to hunt. One theory about why airports are so attractive to snowy owls is that, … Read More

Release the maps!

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One of our goals for this project was to provide you with updated maps to keep tabs on the Snowy Owls we are tracking. Thanks to Don Crockett, this is now a reality! Don worked with us to build some incredible interactive maps, allowing our fans and supporters to follow each of the owls. Under optimal weather conditions, the owls … Read More

Over the top!

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When we launched the Indiegogo campaign for Project SNOWstorm on Jan. 2, we gulped hard and set the goal at $20,000 by March 2, hoping we’d get at least a good portion of that figure to fund additional transmitters. So it is with no small degree of amazement, and a boundless sense of gratitude, that we mark a milestone: This … Read More

David Sibley print to benefit SNOWstorm

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We’re delighted (and honored) that renowned artist and field guide author David Sibley is making limited edition prints of this lovely gouache portrait of a snowy owl available to support Project SNOWstorm. David will donate $10 from the purchase of each signed, numbered giclee print to help fund the work we’re doing to study this winter’s snowy owl invasion. The painting … Read More

He (hearts) Philly

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I spend a lot of time at airports, but usually not like this — crouching next to a taxiway at Philadelphia International Airport, trying to keep a snowy owl from being killed. Working with the USDA’s APHIS-Wildlife Services program and the Pennsylvania Game Commission, I was hoping to catch a snowy that had set up housekeeping at the midst of … Read More

Hair on fire

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Sorry for the lack of updates the past few days — there’s been plenty going on, some of it behind the scenes (more about that shortly). One friend commented today, “You guys must be running around like your hair’s on fire.” That pretty much sums it up. In Wisconsin, SNOWstorm collaborator Gene Jacobs has been trying to tag two more … Read More

Checking in on Buena Vista

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Thanks to Eric Preston of Madison, Wisconsin, for sending in this photo of “Buena Vista,” which was tagged with a transmitter on Dec. 23 in Portage County, WI. Here you can see the transmitter clearly, right where it’s supposed to be – high in the middle of the back. Buena Vista has been hanging out in the same square mile … Read More